Looking to relocate family to Dallas/Ft/ Worth, how do you all like it out there?

U.S.A. Texas


I'm planning to move my family which consists of 2 young children to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

What hospitals/places do you recommend working at and can you all give me some info on:

starting salary for an RN with a BS who has worked for 1 year,

schools, both private and public


and houses??

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Hi, there. Where are you moving from?

I moved to DFW from California in late 2005. More specifically, I live in Fort Worth and am liking it. There are many cities in the DFW area, so a good place to live would really depend on your lifestyle and demographic. For example, I'd recommend certain suburbs to growing families, but would probably recommend somewhere different to a young single person.

The average new grad RN pay rate for most hospitals is $23 per hour. Some facilities pay as low as $21.50 and others offer $25, but the vast majority of hospitals will start you out at $23. Someone with 1 year of experience might command $24.50 at the most.


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hi! Wow, I am also in Cali right now!

Did you find a job in TX before actually moving there or vice versa?

I am actually married but separated so I'm really looking for a new place to build a life for as far as me and my young children goes. I would've thought the pay was a little higher.

A friend of mine was telling me about the possibility of becoming a traveling nurse in south Texas. Where exactly is south Texas. I mean I know the southern part of something, but do they mean more on the border?

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South Texas includes San Antonio. It also includes the Rio Grande Valley along the border with Mexico and its cities (Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen).

I moved to Texas immediately after completing an LVN program in Van Nuys. I took NCLEX in Texas, and found a job the day after receiving my temporary license.

Pay rates are tied to the cost of living. Rents and house prices are significantly cheaper here than in CA. My utility bill averages about $70 monthly for a 1,900 square foot house. My basic phone service is $24.99 per month, not including surcharges and taxes. My water/sewage/trash bill averages about $40 monthly for all 3 combined. My house was built in 2004 and cost $100k in 2005, and is probably worth $90k today.

The pay is lower here, but your money will take you farther. The Mid-Cities area is rather family-friendly, has affordable rents, and good school districts (Birdville, HEB). This area sits right in the middle of Fort Worth and Dallas, and includes the suburbs of Euless, Hurst, Bedford, and North Richland Hills. My friend's mother rents a 1-bedroom apartment in Hurst for $490 per month. My friend's house in North Richland Hills cost $109,000. We all do fine on our LVN pay. This wouldn't happen in California.

Arlington is a city of about 360,000 people located right between Dallas and Fort Worth, and is a little more diverse than the Mid-Cities.


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Wow, thanks for the information!

Yes, I believe it when you say the pay takes you farther along than if you live in Cali. That is why I would also like to move to the south again. Thanks for the info.

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