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Looking for online Statistics for Health Care course for this Summer - non credit

by pnpvirginia pnpvirginia (New) New

I am hoping that I can take an online statistics course geared for health care professionals this Summer. I am starting a terminal degree program this fall, and though a STATS course is not required, I feel it would be beneficial for me as I move through the program (it's been 10 years + since I have taken a STATS course).

I would like to take a non-credit course, as I only need the information, not the grade for credit. Unfortunately, my Google searches have turned up only "for-credit" programs that can be costly. The local community colleges offer regular math statistics courses, but I am really hoping for a course that is geared towards health care professionals. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Aleks is free right now. They have an introduction to statistics that is very thorough and calculation focused. Qualifies for ace credit as well.


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Tons of free stuff online and on Youtube. Linked in learning has a good stats course. 29 a month I think to sub to linked in learning. I wouldn’t spend money on a real course. Even try khan academy.

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Sophia.org is also free right now. Has a stats class (2 actually) for ACE credit