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I am entering nursing school in the fall for my ADN program. I have everything I need, but will still need to buy shoes to wear to clinical. The only guidelines for my school are that they must be white or black professional shoes. Open back clogs and canvas shoes are not allowed. I would prefer black, just because I know how fast white gets dirty and gross! Any recommendations on brands and styles that will be most comfortable? I do like stylish, but comfort goes above anything else in my book! :happy:

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I have owned Dansko, Abeo and Alegria shoes now. I gave away my danskos. I have fairly flat feet and they were just uncomfortable to me. My Alegria's are clog style, but they remind me of Birkenstocks with the cork bottom - not so comfy. I was on the schedule to work 5 straight 12 hour shifts so I wanted to have a couple extra pair of shoes (i'm not in nursing school yet - just waiting tables). I didn't have to break in my Alegria's (well at least they didn't hurt my feet when I first wore them) so I ASSUMED that I could just buy new shoes and wear them.... not so much. I went back and forth between the Danskos and Abeos. I hated both of them. No matter what I did they both hurt my feet (although neither hurt when I put them on in the store and walked around in them). When I bought the Abeo - they made me walk across a special mat to determine which insole I should buy. It wasn't extra - but you order the shoes according to what they tell you - like all my pressure is in the front so I order the "metatarsal pad" style. I think the reason I hated them is because the Danskos hurt my feet. I would switch back and forth and the Danskos would hurt and I'd wear the Abeo but they would still hurt from the Danskos. Once I gave away the Danskos and only wore the Abeo - my feet don't hurt at all - ever. You didn't say you needed non-slips, but I dropped a link for the black non-slips on the abet site. I like the Bellas.

Slip Resistant Womens - ABEO Footwear

I only posted what my school specifically said about the requirements, but I bet non-slip is a great idea anyway! Thanks for the tip, I will check them out!

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There are a few black/white shoes featured in the allnurses Product Directory.

Many of these shoes come in colors other than what is featured. Just click on the manufacture link to see addtional colors.

Good luck selecting a comfortable shoe.

I have tried Comfort Clogs from landau and they are totally awsome you can try this Landau and they are up on your requirement

I loved Dickies zigzag clogs when I was in school.. they have a strap along the back, but they may still be considered "open-back"? I got them when allheart was running a "buy one Dickies item, get one 50% off", so I got my scrub bottoms and those at the same time - they were $15 with the sale. Lasted me all though school, though they're scuffed now. I wear Klogs's Tucker now, and really like them.

I really recommend you go to a uniform store and try some pairs on - remember, besides comfort, look for weight as well. I had some Cherokee clogs that I spent a pretty penny on that felt like I had two bricks strapped to my feet by the end of a clinical day!

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I'm not sure if you're still looking for suggestions but I recently bought the Birkenstock Linz shoes in black and they're a godsend. I have foot problems and I only wear cork footbed birkenstocks because once they're broken in, it's like walking on a cloud. Of course YMMV because everyone's feet are different but they're my number one suggestion.

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Algeria, only way to go

I bought Adidas Ultraboosts. Comfort over price.

Skechers are the best. Especially the memory foam ones. I cannot wear Danskos as I feel they are too tall and end up hurting my back.

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