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Looking for New Grad Programs

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I am currently searching for new grad programs in California. I will be graduating with my BSN December 2014. If anyone has any information about any New Grad RN Residency programs opening up this winter please let me know! Thanks!


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Have you done any research of your own yet? It takes a lot of time and effort to find them, to know what you need, etc. Where you are in the state makes a difference as well.


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Everyone is fighting for those precious few spots, in light of that, I don't think you will find a list here as applicants tend to keep quiet about it. It takes a lot of effort to find them. If I were you, start listing all the hospitals within a set radius of your home that you are willing to work, then start checking each websites for openings.

Yes I have been doing a lot of research on the subject and agree it is very time consuming. Also, I do not have a preference where in the state.

I posted just in case a nurse recruiter was scrolling by and saw it. 13grad71 that is good advice, I need to make a set list

Have you tried rndeer.com