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looking for a little advice!

I have been accepted into the PN program at Mount Wachusetts and start in Jan.:yeah:

I am currently taking A&P I and love the teacher, I want to continue and take A&P II with him in Jan., the class is on saturdays,

I do not work, and my PN classes are Mon & Wed 8:00-11:00 and Thurs 6:45-3:00.

I am just wondering if anyone know's how Fund. of Nursing is? and if it will be too much? I am doing very well in A&P I, and just want to finish it.:specs:

I feel that I can handle it,:eek: and my teacher says to give it a try, he feels that I will be OK.:yeah:

He is a retired doctor and a wonderful teacher! If anyone has taken the PN program please give me your view!

thank you!

Is Fundamentals of Nursing what you are taking Mon & Wed, and clinical Thursday? If that's the case, I think a Saturday class is doable since you you don't work. You still have Monday afternoons, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays to study and catch up on homework. Usually for clinical, you have to go to the clinical site the night before to get your assignment and gather info about your patient, research the meds and diagnoses. There will likely be careplans (paperwork) to do after clinical as well. Do you have an advisor or know a current nursing student in your program that can give you some guidance?

Thank you for replying back. Those were my thoughts exactly! That is why I figured that I could do it. I believe that thursdays is my cliniclal. I have orientation on the 18th, and no, I do not have anyone yet for guidance.

thank you for the information about doing the research on the meds and the diagnose.

its doable go 4 it!


Thank you!!!!

Hello.. new to this site. I think if your teacher is encouraging you to pursue and beleives you can handle go for it.. but i am not a student yet... I am curious about your experience with mwcc.. How long did it take for you to get into the LPN program. I am going back to school in jan. hope to get my pre-reqs done and apply for Jan 2011. LPN. Did you find it difficult? any advice? greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your vote of confidence wnt2banurs!

My teacher is wonderful, and if you are planning on attending MWCC take A&PI with him! He teaches on tuesday nights and saturdays at Devens. (I'm not sure if I can say his name)

My experience with MWCC is wonderful! The staff is great, and very helpful! They will steer you in the right direction.

I started my venture in April 09. I am 45 and a single mom of two beautiful teenage girls.

I was a kitchen designer and worked for a very large Design/Build firm. I was laid off last Nov(the day after thanksgiving!) When I tried to get another job,

5 companies had closed their doors down. That's when I knew that I needed to change my careers! I have always love taken care of people and knew that nursing was what I needed to do, my boyfriend and family had all agreed!

So, I had applied to Monty Tech, but failed the TEAS test by 3 points. I did research and found out that the Mount had an LPN course as well. So I had met with a counsler, and she had given me the program and the courses that I needed to take. Accourding to the Mount, the Teas test that I had taken was a passing grade according to Mount Wachusetts (YEA!!!!)

I have an Associates degree and was able to transfer alot of my credits. I didn't have alot of time so I had to crunch!

I just needed to take Human Bio which I took in July (at night 5-10:30) along with Intro to PSY (during the day).

Then in August, I took another psy during the day, and had to retake Human Bio, because I got a C and you need a C+ (again at night) I was beat! but I had passed with a B+!!!!!!! (YEA!!!)

Then it was the wait, and the wait was horrible! We wouldn't find out until October, so I decided in September not to waste a sesmester, so started taking my pre-rec's for the RN program,( in case I didn't make it into the LPN program).

I'm in A&P I and Intro to Sociology, (I'm down to 3- pre-rec's for the RN program!!!!)

And then at the end of October, I found out that I made it into the LPN program!!!!!

So that's my story!

I will help you anyway that I can, and wish you good luck!

Where are you trying to get in? Im assuming at Mount Wachusetts?

My advice to you is: if your not in the nursing feild at all, try to. You get so many points for direct and lesser points for indirect. That is how they evaluate everyone on a point system.

Aslo your grades, like me I failed Human Bio so I retook it.

Do you work at all? if you do just study study study!

Also, try to volunteer at a hospital or a nursing home. You will get points for that. I volunteer at Hayward Hospital, it's wonderful! and the experience is great, I'm actually on the floor with the patients helping everyone out.

So let me know where your at with everything, and I'll do my best to help you!

We can be each others support! Oh yea, that's the thing you need the most of from your family, support!

My children and boyfriend are wonderful! and you need that!

So best of luck, and I'll talk to you soon!

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Thank you so much.. I am very nervous.. 35 - two kids -and a husband.. Full time job in business. I will have to leave work once I do get into LPN program.. ( yes MWCC!! very excited.. ) however taking the pre-reqs I hope to be able to continue to work. I am planning on applying for the Jan 2011 LPN. Hoping to take the TEAS some time over the summer. I meet with an advisor next week after cptest. I hope to be able to place high enough to just start right into Human Bio, Eng Comp & required math and get them out of the way this spring.. then take Psych and additional in the fall. I have been contemplating nursing for a few years now.. I am just not a sit at a desk person and have been doing this for years now and always knew there was something better for me.. I helped out with my dad for a long time while he was sick. I really enjoyed the nurses and what they would teach me and how they helped my father.. Not only in the hospitals but in the LTC facility and hospice.. They were all very inspiring and I really want to help people in that same way.. I know I can. I have pondered for over two years now and feel that I really should do this.. Every person I have talked to about this is very encouraging and supportive. They all seem to think i can do this! I know its going to be a huge sacrifice but i believe it is well worth it. Thank you so much for your kind words and your story and all the tips.. I look forward to my adventure. I would be most appreciative and would be happy to support eachother as much as we can! I will def check out that class. thanks!!!

Good choice for a school! :yeah: If you can afford to quit work go for it. I am laid off, so I took advantage of it. You just learn to do WITHOUT a lot of all the extras that we take for granted in life. It has been very tough for me, but I know in the end it will be worth it. Just don't over load yourself with classes. I would recommend taking the PSY classes over the summer. they are just a month long and your done! They are not that bad. :up: Definetly Human Bio probably a full semester. Like I said, I was crunched so I had no choice I had to take it over the summer, my plan was to take it in, I think it was in July first, then if I didn't pass, to re-take it in August, and thank god I did. It is a tough class in four weeks.

Just put your mind to it, and you can do it! I did!!!!! and still do! I still have a long way to go.:cry:

We definetly can support each other, if you need any books, just let me know I can sell them to you cheap! I have the intro to psy and the human growth & development books that I don't need anymore you just have to know what book you need when you sign up for the class, just let me know.

I'll talk to you later I'm studying for a test this sat in A&P and a test for monday night in Sociology:imbar

Thank you.. I should know what i am taking after next week.. once everything is done. I will let you know what books I need and we can go from there. Good Luck on your tests!!!

Thank you I got a 90 on the A&P test

Hey Hdfatboy,

How is LPN going? I am enjoying my first semester at MWCC.. Human Bio is going great.. as well as math and eng classes.. Do you have a large class? how many are accepted to the program? hope your doing well.


It's really tough! not that the material is tough, just soooo much to studying!!!!!!

you have to basically study so many chapters!

Yes, we have a large class, there are I believe 39 of us. I do love it!

I'm also in a saturday class all day at Devens A&P II I'm doing wonderful in that class! The teacher is wonderful! when you have to take it, take it with Dr.B.

Hope your doing well also!

stay in touch!


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