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looking for a job

jenny^_^ jenny^_^ (New) New

hi iam jenny,iam a nurse from indonesia,i have 1 year experience and now iam looking for job in overseas,anyone can help for that information?

thanks before

kind regards


ghillbert, MSN, NP

Has 20 years experience. Specializes in CTICU.

"Overseas" is not very helpful. It's a big world. Where exactly do you want to work?

Silverdragon102, BSN

Has 32 years experience. Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

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You need to narrow down where you want to work and then look at what that countries requirements are for foreign nurses. Once you narrow down and post countries we may be able to point you in directions of requirements

i know overseas will not bhelp me but i really want working there...i want working in singapore or new zealand ...so if you have idea please let me know soon

thx ya

if u know in overseas easy for indonersia people working please let me know....coz i really want

kind regards

There is no way to be working soon in either of these countries, you are going to need to apply for licensure and then for immigration. Not going to be quick by any means.

There are stickies that can be found on this forum for the links to their nursing boards. How much experience do you actually have as an RN and what type of program did you graduate from and how long ago?

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