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Hello, my name is Andrea, first time here. I've been a nurse for 22 years in one form or another. Right now I work on a cardiac stepdown unit with 46 beds.Our floor and others are going through some very tough changes right now. We are a union hospital and have an administrator who's job is to break the union. The RN's are the only unionized employees here. They have implimented new staffing guidelines without involving the nurses. This is a direct violation of the contract and we are about to go to arbatration. I'm looking for some help with slogans or phrases to put on buttons and bumper stickers so we can be more visable . Not only to administration but also to the public.


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Hello and welcome, Andrea. Could your union not help, since they must be aware of the situation? Good Luck!


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"Protect your healthcare. Support the nurses' union."

"Stamp out union-busting."

"Hell no, we won't go" (oops, that was for something else.)


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"care how much we know, know how much we care"! this is my hospitals slogan though it doesn't mean much to them in my opinion.


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If they don't talk, we will walk!

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To organize is to Care for the Nurse so the Nurse can Care For the Patients!

(okay.. kinda long but pasionate!)

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One of my unions slogans is:

"Nurses. We can't live without them."

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