Looking for a good RN to MSN, NP program.


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any suggestions? I'm more than willing to relocate anywhere in the US. Ideally either a fam practice or womens health NP.

I'd love some feed back!!

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Hello. I have a few websites but these are for distance or on-line programs only. I got my BSN via a distance program and was attending Stony Brook (also on-line) for my FNP but September 11th happened and I dropped out.....:cry:



www.nursingonline.UC/edu/online-MSN University of Cincinnati has a womens health NP program


There used to be a great web site called Petersons.com, but I think it is no longer in existance.

I would also suggest you go to AllNurses and check out your home state or a state that you would be willing to relocate to, and see what the members of that forum can suggest. Although in this day and age I would think you have other options than to relocate.....But for many people on line or distance education is not their "cuppa".

Good Luck to You!


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