Looking for Generic packing list...


of what to bring as first time traveler? Is there a list out there? Flying to first assignment in Florida. Company housing furnished...just need more info on what to bring? thanks

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One thing I can tell you is bring an extra stethoscope. I have several, but brought only one on my assignment. It broke, and I had to buy another.

Also, I brought very little regular clothing. I figured I'd just be pretty much working and sleeping. I didn't know I'd make so many friends and need clothes to go out to eat, to the movies, shopping etc. Since I'd brought mostly scrubs, I ended up buying several outfits of regular clothing while I was on assignment.

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Even though they are prviding a furnished apt, what comes with it? Soem are fully furnished with linens, etc. where you only need a toothbrush and you are all set. Others only give you furniture and nothing more.

Also depends on what type of unit that you will be working on. The facility that I am at now actually provides a stethescope at each bedside in the PICU to cut down on cross-contamination so mine sits in the trunk.

I would just say your scrubs and clothes to go out with..........you can get whatever else you need there.

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What part of Florida? Not speaking as a traveller here, just as a Floridian over on the Gulf coast.

Agree with the stethoscope thing. Doesn't hurt to have an extra.

Sunglasses. No, really! The sun is brutal on your eyes down here. Also, don't even think about being anywhere without air conditioning and/or a water source.

The water in Florida sucks. Plan on buying bottled drinking water, and plan on enough to make your morning coffee, or be prepared for a very negative early-morning experience. There are a few different brands of water, some with more minerals or less, depending on your preference. I like Zephyrhills, myself. Aquafina has more minerals (ugh).

Bring loose, casual, comfortable clothing for outside of work. If you need to go to a very dressy function, just buy something here. We have some great sales. But in most cases, jeans and a T-shirt are the answer. Oh, and do bring a sweater. It can get chilly at night. If you want to scope out what we actually wear everyday, this store is pretty much on-target with the style of the natives.

Bealls website:


Last but not least, remembering that Florida is the lightning capital of the nation, take thunderstorms very seriously. Do not stay in the water at the hint of a storm, etc. I used to respect lightning till I moved here. Now, seeing some of the weird things it's done, I'm way more careful.

It might be a nice idea to invest in One Tank Trips, by Bill Murphy. Because life is not all work, and because Florida does have so many excellent things to do on your day off.


Best wishes for a great assignment!

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BC to Florida is a big change in climate. I came from the midwest, ie Michigan and even when its "cold" here ie the natives all bundled up in "winter coats" i'm hot. As the other posters noted alot depends on what your apartment has on what you bring. I actually got a list of suggested items from my travel company. PM if you would like a copy and I will scan it and email it to you. As far as clothes personally I would start on the light side ie dont bring alot. After your first couple weeks you will get an idea of what the climate is like and then you could 1) have someone ship you what you want if you already have an extensive wardrobe., 2) go shopping and buy new things- with the big climate change you probable will do both.



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going to Naples, thanks for the great tips - really helps...:)

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