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31 and looking to change careers


I currently work in the human service field and now I am looking into becoming an LPN. I reside in Brooklyn, NY and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good LPN program within the five boroughs of NYC? Also, what is the starting salary for LPN's in NYC as a new graduate?



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Hey there, NYCer here, too!

In terms of the LPN salary you can easily google and find the answer. In general, I have heard it varies anywhere between $30000 to $50000 per year depending on which establishment you work at. I also heard that many hospitals do not hire LPNs anymore, so I suggest that before you apply to LPN school and spend money paying for it, research, research, research! A question, why not going for your LPN? It does take longer, and more skills will be required as well as accountability and such, but RNs have much higher prospects at employment, not to mention the salary! But if you do still want to do LPN, I know LaGuardia CC has a fantastic LPN program! I know you live in Brooklyn so traveling to Queens might be a hassle, so check out Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn College or City Tech. Btw, City Tech has a nice ASN program as well.

I was considering doing an RN program also but then I considered doing the LPN first and getting experience. The only medical experience I have is working as an emergency medical technician.

Our local college changed things up this year. They don't have separate classes for LPN and RN. They are the same and everyone can sit for their NCLEX LPN version after 3 semesters or continue on for 2 more to get their RN degree. I thought that was pretty cool.