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Hi!! I'm new to this forum, so thanks in advance for responding to this post! Anyone know of a completely online NP program?? I contacted 2 but they are completely "full" until Summer 2011 & I'd love to start very soon!! Let me know if you've actually had any experience in the school as well! (probably looking to go into Family NP, or maybe even Ped NP)


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You are referring only to the didactic requirements, right? How are the clinical requirements handled in these "all online" programs?

Yes, didactic only . . . the clinical requirements are usually handled by meeting a certain number of hours working with an MD in a clinical setting of your choice . . . sometimes even with the MD of your choosing, as long as your program accepts that MD's voluntary commitment to "precept" you.

There will need to be a valid contract between a clinical site and your school - it is more than just finding someone to precept you. Your preceptor (or preceptors) will also need to follow the program objectives.

Some schools pay their preceptors, so you may be asked to pay out of pocket for your preceptor's time if you are locating your own. For example a local Osteopathy school pays clinical preceptors $1000/semester per student. Some providers like this extra money for precepting, and have asked students in online NP programs to also pay them the same fee (or more) than the O-school pays.

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