how long...


is the average LPN to RN program? I have all the RN pre-reqs completed.


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Mine was a short 6 week summer semester of independent study which was awesome becuase I've heard that some bridge classes are pretty grueling. Then we joined the 2nd year RNs for their last 2 semesters. Pretty good deal, imo. Best of luck to you and I just wanted to add kudos to all you young gals!

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In my area, the average community college LVN-to-ADN program is 1 year long. The typical LVN-to-BSN program is 2 years in length. Of course, this is assuming that all prerequisites and corequisites have been completed prior to being accepted into the bridge program.

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The one i am about to start is 3 quarters long. January through August.

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