how long have you been a nurse?

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just wondering if a DON with 2 years experience and ADON with 3 years experience sufficient to run a almost 300 skilled/hospice LTC facility?...Ive noticed that from previous LTC...anytime we asked a question to the DON/ADON who are relatives...they have only 2 answers

1. how long have you been a nurse?

2. dont you want to learn?

dont ADON/DON need at least 5 years experience and possess a bachelors?

just wondering......thanks for all your replies

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No, DON and ADON does not require a BSN degree. I have read on this forum that some facilities don't even necessarily require the ADON to be an RN. As far as experience, there are no specific requirements for this either. I have known some really awesome nurses that are fairly new.. they just seem to "get it" if you know what I mean. I have also known some with lots of years under their belt that scare the heck out of me. They never did "get it".

I have no idea why you are getting those 2 responses from your management. Maybe you can give some examples.

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It's not about the years of's about the experiences you've had in those years. I worked in a really tough building for a year and a half. In that time, I experienced more than most of my colleagues who have worked in the same quiet, peaceful buildings for 10 years. I am a DNS...didn't need a BSN but have a BA and years of experience in long term care doing everything there is to do in a building.


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I have no idea why you are getting those 2 responses from your management. Maybe you can give some examples.


1. ask question on wound vac, routine admission and question on paperwork... this are nursing managements usual response..

in LTC facilities here in my state, new employee orientation is only x2 days and we just go with the flow when we are on our own and when we stumble with some problems and ask a question...these are the x2 responses we usually get...

thanks for replies.....

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