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I am a second semester student in the accelerated program here at Long Island University in the Brooklyn campus. As a former prospective student, I remember looking for honest reviews about programs online and attending different orientations at various schools to see which program would be best For me. I am here to provide you with the pros and cons to LIU from my perspective.

I was was stuck between deciding whether I should attend LIU or NYU and the reason I chose LIU over NYU was because the tuition was less and LIU offers more clinical experience hours. However, I often contemplate what NYU would have been like now that I am experiencing the pains of this program.

LIU has a horrible administration within the nursing program. They are extremely disorganized and rude. They are never willing to help unless they favor you. Yes, it works by favoritism unfortunately and I am not saying this because I am someone who is unflavored. It's simply what I've been witnessing. When asked if I could register for clinical at a certain time, I was told no but when someone else asked on my behalf, the answer was yes. Absolutely absurd. The professors are honestly great and most are willing to help you succeed. However, when it comes to exams they are tough yet not NCLEX questions which is extremely frustrating. The clinical experiences are great but I know that because of the administration, many students had rough experiences with being placed into a clinical.

I feel that the program overall academically is rigorous and tough. It is definitely preparing me for the nursing world and my future in healthcare. However, the frustrations of the administration and disorganization of the staff really brings you down in many ways. If anyone had any questions, please feel free to ask!

As a fellow alumni myself I can definitely agree with you that the administration is very difficult to get by. Don't let that stop you from graduating though. With my experience, I can definitely tell you that it is possible to graduate there and (in a month or two) begin your career. There were some occassions when I had to teach myself and give myself NCLEX questions. If you seek any advice or guidance on how to prepare for the NCLEX, exams, etc. Don't hesitate to PM me


I definitely agree grew with you. I am using the Saunders and Davis books to study for exams for practice questions and NCLEX a of course. I just find it frustrating that the exams are difficult yet they aren't NCLEX questions at all. They're very ambiguous and always have mistakes in them. I just don't feel it's right. As for the administration, it's so tough to get someone to hear your story or your reason for lets say needing a clinical in the morning where as others just simply say "because I just want it" and the admin will give it to them. It's really unfair and not good practice.

But you're right. I don't let it get in my way of studying and doing well. It's just frustrating that's all!

thank you!

what level are you in right now if you don't mind me asking?

I am in the accelerated program, second semester.

Oh okay OB health assessment and psych. Best advice I can give you is to use as many nclex resources you can. For psych, you could memorize the slides and you will be fine. Health assessment, I can recall relying only on what I learned in lab which helped me feel less confused for the HA exams. For OB, all practice questions. I believe med surg success for maternity nursing really helped. I borrowed the book though. SO if you can find someone who can let you borrow it or scan the questions at least it should help. If you need tutoring let me know.

I'm actually really happy I found this as I've been deciding whether to defer my LIU admissions to wait to see if I got admitted to downstate. I'm just unsure of the academic quality of the program at LIU. I've read a lot of negative reviews about the administration but I. Also saw students saying they didn't have sufficient time in labs and didn't feel prepared for hands on work. Is that also true? thanks!


In my opinion, I feel that the program is intense and rigorous. The professors are tough and the exams are as well. They don't curve exams (or at least the professors I have dont). What you put in is what you get. I feel that the clinical experiences I've had thus far have been very hands on and beneficial to my learning. Except for med-surg because they had us on a rehab floor, not a med-surg floor. I can understand though that it is difficult to get placement for hundreds of students in hospitals when there are other schools in NYC that also need placements for their students. However, the organization for clinicals is horrible due to the disorganization of the administration. The administration makes their own rules as they go along, giving priority to those they "like" or favor. I feel that the professors often lecture straight from the book which makes me wonder why I even go to class in the first place. It's tough because you want additional knowledge and experiences to guide you through the program and make it easier for you to do well on exams. I just don't feel like the professors are as dedicated to the students as they should be. Now, this isn't all of the professors but I've been getting the feeling that we are a burden meanwhile we are paying tuition to be there. It's very unfair to feel this way about your school. You should love going to school - does that make sense? Don't get me wrong, I love the profession and what I am learning. I just wish it was taught better. I hope this answers your question. Again, this is just my opinion. Others may argues otherwise. I think you should visit he school and get into contact with professors to get their perspectives and input. Then you can make a decision. Good luck!

Hi Everyone.

Wow,This post hits home. I am actually in the same boat NOW that you were in. I am deciding between NYU & LIU. I got acceptance into LIU nursing. I can't honestly decide if I should or shouldn't attended LIU. In one sense I do not want to risk my time and money in a school that is CLAIMED (stress of claimed) to be "disorganized"..but in other sense I feel as if I can survive LIU (or ANY nursing school) and become a great nurse. Deep down I am still scared, although I seriously do not see how a nursing program could be bad. I feel as if it is the students that are not willing to put in their energy and time to reach their goals.

I really want to become a nurse but I am starting to feel like there is always hurdles after hurdles in my path to reach that goal. Please someone tell me the truth...and do not sugarcoat it. I can take it if it is the truth and it always makes me feel better & prepared.

These are all just my opinion. I do not mean to hurt anyone intentionally so please forgive me if I have.


Hi Truth,

i can can understand your being nervous and scared about the nursing program. I was in your shoes once when I was deciding which program to choose as well. LIU is a vigorous and tough program and I am very glad that I chose to pursue nursing as my career. The administration is apparently undergoing many changes which is why the program seems to be disorganized and there are many things that I don't like about our program. But I do have to say that I am learning a TON and there are a handful of professors who are amazing and very knowledgeable.

From what I hear, a lot of nursing programs are disorganized for some reason. I have a friend of a friend at NYU and she says the same thing about their program. The thing that made me choose LIU over NYU was the fact that we get more clinical hours and NYU focuses more on simulation labs. I personally prefer interacting and gaining my nursing skills from human interactions. LIU is also almost finished with remodeling the nursing floors with pretty awesome simulation labs. The thing that frustrates me is that we have yet to use them. I am a third semester student taking med-surg and I feel like the simulations would help us now. I guess it's because they aren't completely done with the floor set up. Who knows.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helped!

Hi Aruci88

I keep thinking that no one will reply to my posts in this site. I do not know why I think that. But thank you so much for replying. What you said makes me feel alot better. I'm defiantly going to consider LIU now. I also have more questions to ask about the program. I was wondering if you mind if I private message you?


Hi Aruci! I was wondering if you got my email. I send it few days ago...if you dont see it..please let me know!



I just checked my email and didn't see an email from you. Please send it again --- spaljevic@mmm.edu


I just checked my email and didn't see an email from you. Please send it again --- spaljevic@mmm.edu

I just saw this post. I'm sorry. I resend it. Hopefully you got it this time? If you can't see it..see if it accidentally went to your SPAM?


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Hi, I'm applying for the accerlated program in liu. Would you recommend I finish the pre reqs a/p 1 in another school? i want to see if I get accepted.

Hey guys!

I'm hoping someone from LIU nursing program will please respond to me!

I'm looking into LIU's part-time evening/weekend 2nd degree nursing program. I have a bachelor's degree already, and I plan on working full-time while enrolled. Unfortunately, neither admissions nor nursing dept at LIU would respond to any of my questions or request for more info.

Do you know what days/times the classes/clinicals are offered, so I can continue to work during the program? How late are the classes, and are clinical times flexible? Also, what is the process of transferring general education/prerequisite courses from other schools like? Note: I noticed general education requirements at LIU is different from my school I got my bachelor's from. Are they fairly accepting of transfer credits, or are they likely going to make me repeat courses?

This whole thing is such a headache process! Any other information will be greatly appreciated!

Hopefully my post will help someone. I am a second semester BSN nursing student at LIU brooklyn. If you have the choice between here and ANYWHERE else please chose the other school. Liu is very very very bad in every way. First of all, the administration never has clinical placement for people. Its 4 weeks into the semester and there are 25 students with no hospitals yet. The ones who do have a hospital we got the worst hospitals because the other schools such as NYU they get first pick of hospitals and we get all the ones they did not want. 2nd of all our questions are not NCLEX style and you never know what to expect. 1st semester the questions had many many mistakes and therefore exams has to be curved in order to have half the students pass since we were all failing. Yes I passed but I shouldn't need a curve to pass because of bad questions that make no sense to anyone including people who are already nurses. 3rd of all there is no guidance by anyone and you have to find your own way with everything you do. If you fail one class one time you can not fail again or you will be out of the program. For those who choice LIU because it costs less then NYU, it really doesn't end up costing you less because if you have a scholarship they take it away from you if your GPA drops below 3.0 in your first semester and most people that ended up happening to. For the people who think they can work in the part time program, the clinicals are from 8am-2pm so I am not sure how you can work full time. 1st semester you have one day of clinical, 2nd semester you have 2 days of clinical and 3rd and 4th semester you have 3 days of clinical. I work part time during the full time program and it is extremely difficult to do but can be done if you have no other distractions. Definitely not full time work though. In conclusion only go to LIU if you got in absolutely nowhere else which was my case. Go here as a last resort. My other friends in other schools have no problems and many graduated from NYU while working full time with no issues which leads me to believe it is definitely easier there.