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Loma Linda Nursing Winter 2018

by Patij Patij (New) New

Hi everyone!

Starting this for anyone who applied for the LLU nursing program for the winter of 2018. I know we hear back very soon, so just wanted to see if anyone heard back or just your stats and questions/comments. :)

Hi Pati!

I applied for the winter semester and waiting on the decision as well!

I think they held the meeting today for choosing applicants. Hopefully we hear back soon!

Hello! I applied for Winter 2018 as well. Really hoping to get a call soon. Have all my things ready to apply to the nursing program at the community college where I did my prereqs. The application period there is at the end of this month. But really hoping I don't have too!

The stats I applied to LLU with:

GPA: 3.6

TEAS: 75

Critical Thinking: 17

So I called a few days ago and they told me that they were meeting in another week or so :o did anyone hear back??

I haven't heard anything yet.

When I went in for my interview I remember the girl telling me they were going to review all applications on Sept 6th and we would be hearing back after. Idk if they pushed it back to this week then o:

Yay congrats!!! I still haven't heard anything :|

I hope you get in. Good luck. They are probably going in order of interviews I had mine done pretty early.

Mine was about a month ago exactly. But Thank you so much! Do you mind if I ask what your stats were?

3.5 GPA

75 on teas

I don't remember my critical thinking score but I remember scoring higher in that than on my teas.

But I also had some work experience built up while doing my prerequisites that helped me a lot being an EMT out in LA and working as a medication technician/ caregiver at an assisted living place in walnut.

Oh okay! I was scared that not having much volunteer experience would affect me. I have a 3.5 gpa and an 80 on the teas, think a 20 or so on my critical thinking so fingers crossed!!

My interview was a few days after they closed off applications

Oh that was really soon! Well like I said fingers crossed. And thanks for all the info.

Have you heard anything Patij? I had my interview in July. The interviewer also told me I would be hearing back a lot sooner. She told me my stats were good but I don't have Any medical experience, I hope that doesn't hurt my chances....

No I haven't! I called again and they said within the next week for sure. I'm really nervous and unsure now :( and yeah my interviewer said my stats were good too.

I know, I am trying to stay positive. I received an e text with a link I couldn't open and called about that hoping that maybe it was an acceptance/denial but they pulled up my file and told me no decision had been made on me yet í ½í¸•

Hey you girls are probably fine. I called today because I was waiting for an email from the school and the lady that was doing that was out for surgery. So they may have just got postponed on making more calls. It doesn't mean you have not been accepted.