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Logical Choices

by ReflectiveRN ReflectiveRN (New) New Nurse

Do you think all the firefighter would run into the overwhelming uncontrolled fire....knowing based on the information and facts in front of them that they likely would be at high risk for injury? Review the facts of the situation our country is facing now. Consider your roles in life as a professional and a "mother", "father", "daughter", "brother". Where does your responsibility truly lie? Assessing and reflecting is a process nurses are very good at. Please read the facts in the news, see how our healthcare providers are prepared and able to stay safe in other country that are "ahead" of us in some ways with testing, and make your logical decision.

Nurses have always been the caretakers, the ones who work crazy long hours often missing breaks putting patients well-being above their own and for this they are admirable. However, as educated, smart individuals we must think twice about what we will be facing in the weeks ahead.

- The systems office is closed

- The HR Answer Line is not on today

- The Executives and Administrators and "office" hospital executives are working remote

- Half the doctors are staying home and sharing patient load

Why do they not come and support us at the bedside when we need it most? Where are they? Will they step up when needed? Will the Nursing Officer put on her scrubs? Will your Nursing Manager? Will the CFO that gets a bonus come too?

They should, but they won't. They see the fire ahead. You need to see it too and be safe.

I have attached the American Nurses Association Statement on Risk and Responsibility in Providing Nursing Care. Read this carefully. Consider your choices as professionals, and realize it is a "moral option" not a "moral responsibility" to do what is right not only for our patients and community but for our families and selves.


Also consider this article written very recently by CNN


Be safe and smart, and realize you deserve to be protected even if it means making hard decisions based on what you are facing. Look at the FACTS of what you see and know.

Some people may judge me for my opinion and reflection, some people need money to feed their families and pay rent and don't want to think about it or just are pushing through...there are many "unknowns" about the virus.

I worry about our healthcare professionals...we need to be there when the fire is over too.

Share your thoughts. What do you think?

I can't speak to your situation but I can tell you where the nurse managers are. I'm where I have been for 41 years of nursing: managing a 22-bed CVICU open heart unit including at the moment 6 vents, supporting my nurses in this incredibly stressful time. There are at the moment 3 physicians on the unit. We don't need the CFO. I don't have the work-at home option and I'm perfectly capable of handling a vent and often do and running a code when it's needed. We are facing reality. We're in the fire. My philosophy is chin up, trust in my creator, and keep going because we must.

I feel very supported by my managers/ admins/ physicians.

motherofcats, ADN

Specializes in sub-acute/rehab; acute psych. Has 2 years experience.

I recently made the decision not to continue orientation on a high acuity unit, due to the obligation I have to myself, to protect myself. I am high risk, and choose not to take the risk. I wish all of you the best in this fight.