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I recently attended Orientation at Caylor school of Nursing for Lincoln Memorial University in Tampa. This school is brand new in the Tampa Bay area, and is partners with my work at Florida Hospital. However, I learned during orientation that because we are the first ASN students in the ASN program, that they only have just applied to be accredited for ACEN. Their home base is in Harrogate, TN where the university is properly accredited for their nursing programs. I am worried that if I attend in the Spring of 2018 that the school won't be accredited by the time I am finished. This is a a lot of money and attend and a risk I'm not really willing to take. In need of advice if I should take the chance or wait until they become officially accrediated. All feedback is welcomed. Thank you in advance.

I graduated from their 17 month accelerated BSN program in Knoxville, TN at the Cedar Bluff campus in December 2016. I chose that particular program because it was only about 30 minutes from my house, and I already had a Bachelor's. The traditional BSN program really wasn't an option for me because Harrogate is about 2 hours from where I live, and I have kids, a house, etc. LMU has a really popular and rapidly growing program here in TN, especially in the Knoxville area. ASN, I would think, would actually be their specialty here around Knox. They have an ASN campus inside of a hospital called Physician's Regional in North Knoxville, and they also have another ASN campus in Blount County. A lot of their ASN nurses come back to the RN-BSN bridge program. They also have quite a few instructors that started in the ASN programs at LMU and now have their Masters and/or Doctorates. I'm pretty sure Dr. Dean, who was the Dean at Cedar Bluff, was involved with the set-up in FL, and she's a go-getter so I'd say she'll have accreditation nailed down by the time your program is completed. As far as their programs go, I work with current and former LMU students, and we'd all agree that our programs prepared us pretty well for work in the hospital.

I was a student at LMU BSN program in Tampa. It started in August 2017 and we were the first BSN students. I withdrew from the program because it wasn't organized and I was not learning anything. I did not want to pay all the money to possible fail. The want you to maintain a "B" average in every class which is a higher requirement than all the school in the area. I had in class course that were long hours of the teacher reading from a power point word for word and not actually teaching. I think since they are new the format of teaching is not durable for students to learn. 3 students drop out before I decided to drop as well. Good Luck

Do you know if the school has exit exam prior to graduate?

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