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I am a MA resident applied for FL license by endorsement. They want Livescan Prints. Can I do this in MA? Person I spoke to at Morphos states I have to go Police Station and send the hard copy to their processing center in Illinois. Seems there has to be an easier way.


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In my experience you are going to have to find a place that offers Live Scan. There is no ink involved in these prints it's just electronic prints on a machine that are sent to the board using the ORI number. Just so you are aware they are expensive around 80-110 depending on the place you go. Just look online to see if there is a place in your area that offers the Live Scan. If not I would call the FL BON to see what they want you to do. Hope this helps!


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Some UPS stores can do them. But u do need the fingerprint card.


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I would call the FL BON to see what's required. Live Scan was expensive. In Pensacola I paid $85 just this past September. Problem came in that they could not read the fingerprints so the FBI had to do a regular background check and it took longer. I guess since I'm 53 my fingerprints aren't what they used to be. :) It was done right on a computer.... a glass screen. I had it done twice.