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Looking for schools in NY that have nursing programs that are somewhat easier to get into.. Anyone have information on this school?

I am going back to my Community College to do some Pre-reqs and get some better grades than what I have been doing.


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Hi I am a graduate of LIU nursing program, let me just say they accept alot of students. I you fulfill all the entry requirement you're pretty much in but like any other nursing program it's hard as h*ll!

You can do it though, best of luck!


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attended LIU wasnt so hard getting in the program with Nursing entry exam but it was kind of hard getting out of there with your sanity intact lol but as long as you can study hard and surround yourself around good people you will get out with Nursing Degree:up:

oh yeah make sure your on point with math exams have to get 100% on all med math exams


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Does one need to complete all pre-reqs before applying, or can I complete like 1 or 2 liberal arts classes during the summer prior? Thanks!


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Well I used to do some of my pre-reqs during each summer and I started the program on time. They will place you on track to start program pending you pass your summer pre-reqs well at least that's what they did when I was a student there.


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Did you submit a personal statement, even though it is optional for transfer students with enough credits? Ive herd from some schools an essay is not necessary.


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Hi mayf I don't remember having to submit a personal statement, but maybe that's something new, or maybe I did it , sorry I cant remember.


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I attended LIU, no personal statements required. Had to take a HESI entrance exam, which is super easy if you get and study from their recommended book. Getting in was easy but going through with the program is another story. Best of luck!