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Littmann stethoscope

Hello Nurses!

I am beginning a CNA program soon as I continue to wait on the VERY long RN school waiting list...

A stethoscope is required the first day of class for CNA training.

However, I was pretty shocked with the prices (online) for stethoscopes.

I am looking for a Littmann Master Classic II, or Littmann Classic II se.

I wanted to get feedback regarding these stethoscopes and also any tips on WHERE to find any used stethescopes for a cheaper price :twocents:

Thank you for any help/feedback!


fromtheseaRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency/Trauma.

you can find some on ebay. it's worth the price to buy a littmann. they are fabulous and will last you all through cna school, nursing school, and even longer. a lot of people in my class opted for cheaper ones, and they could never hear anything, and the quality of the steth was poor.

it's definitely worth the investment, i would at least get a used one on ebay or craigslist (you can buy new ear cushions so it's not unsanitary).

I got my Littman Pediatric on eBay for under $50, and its the cranberry color, so good deal!!! If you are a newbie, a good stethascope is worth it! But beware, the good ones tend to grow legs and walk away.... So engrave it or tag it with non-removable tags..... Good Luck!

thank you both for the help!

I am usually a sceptic of e-bay (past experiences) but will definitely start looking there!


Im starting the banner boswell program in 2 weeks and I too need a stethoscope for clinicals.... I've been doing research for the last month by reading reviews and other posts.

Littmans seems to be the best even though its pricey. Seems like the littmans 2 se like you said is the stethoscope to buy for the money and value.

I came across this website that has a fair price song with a free engraving which usually costs an extra $10-15.

Classic II SE Stethoscope - Littmann Stethoscopes including Cardiology III, Classic II SE & Electronic

Hope this helps

littmans are worth every penny you can find some good deals on ebay for them or try allhearts.com I believe it is it is a nursing uniform supply


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