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if a little knowledge is dangerous, then its safe to assume that most people arent dangerous at all.

I think thats a safe assumption


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LOL fishslap therapy LOL :clown: this thread is crazy! people are NUTs! and we are going nutz dealing with them!!! there comming to take me away hee hee ha ha ho ho... LOL


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she's entitled to worship or not worship however she pleases.


Yes she is. And Grandma is entitled to worship chooses and should not have to edit her speech in her own home. ANd should not have to obey her daughter.


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Sounds a lot like my mother-in-law, who happens to have Borderline Personality Disorder!! What do you think?

That is what auntie thinks she has. But getting her in and dx is another issue. Her understanding is borelines are the hardest to get dx hardest to treat and most likely to not be willing to be seen in a mental health setting.

She has a history of out of the blue lambasting one relative or another with the most horrid hate filled long epistle. She really blindsides people with this. She writes these disgusting letters because she has found that if she says those things people walk away from her.

Her poor hubby has had his friends driven away. She can't keep any of her own for any length of time.

Her mother is the most laid back, serene, person you can imagine. Her way of handling temper trantrums is to ignore them. So it is not like she reinforced her daughter's behavior growning up.


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Wow, Agnus... my MIL wrote me the meanest email a few weeks ago too!! She does it b/c she doesn't understand that it's inappropriate to share every single thing she thinks!

She has driven off all her friends by borrowing money from them and then acting like they are unreasonable for wanting it back. She can't hold a job for more than a few weeks (and get this: she's an RN, though she is completely non-functional b/c of her mental illness) b/c people don't want to be around her!

As for Borderlines, I have been told that a lot of times doctors will not actually tell a patient that they have diagnosed them with BPD b/c they don't think it will be helpful for their recovery.... so they just make a little note of it and treat the symptoms as they come up... :uhoh3:

I graduate with my BSN in May 08 and will be working as a mental health worker at a local psychiatric hospital (Four Winds in Katonah, NY) to gain experience in psychiatric nursing before I graduate, b/c I really want to go into psych nursing - I had such a great experience during my psych rotation in school!


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wow, that poor Mother! Yes, she raised up that little brat, nevertheless I feel bad for her. Bet she feels like running away and leaving no return address.


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This pt is a drama queen . If her toddler accidently bumps her a little any where on her body she screams like a banshee, almost every visit. And all the time at home. That poor kid is either going to grow up with a huge guilt complex, or going to learn to be a drama king, or going to have no respect for her. I am thinking the latter because he will kiss her and tell her "you'll be all right, " as she pouts, "no I won't."

It sounds like emotional abuse. She's dumping all kinds of guilt on the kid. Can social services be called?

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