a little discouraged:( but I am def determined!!!!!


I have made the decision to go to nursing school..I am 39 and i have attempted school before and did not finish..i failed math 82 2x's and eng 52 2x's that was like 6yrs ago.But I think ppl go to school for for different reasons and if you are not mature enough to understand you need to finish what you start and give it everything you have you will fail it takes discipline, determination and dedication..the ability to understand there is nothing wrong with asking for help..I have set a goals long and short term..and i plan to see them through,my motto now is failure is not an option I have worked in the hospital for 16 yrs started in food service to escort to what I am now a unit secretary on a med surg unit...I work 3 12 hr nights so i have alot of down time,which means i can study do homework...with that being said i am on a mission to conquer and give it my all i am more mature and most def think i have a better understanding of my goals...so with that being said has anyone failed a class 2 or more times but not let it discourage you??

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Congratulations on your determination to improve your education. However, those failing grades have done a 'whammy' on your GPA that may be very hard to overcome since getting into nursing school is co competitive these days. I would suggest that you also explore a "plan B" just in case you cannot meet criteria for nursing school. There are many other careers in healthcare with comparable salaries and educational requirements.

Best of luck on your educational journey.


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when you say comparable salaries like what field of nursing?

thank you for your input


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I failed chemistry 101 twice. Because in high school I never had to study for anything and always got an A so the idea of studying was so foreign to me. I just really hate chemistry I squeaked by with a C the third time. When I went through nursing school I still didn't study and got B's throughout, nursing school is nothing like the prereqs, you just use common sense!

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congratulations on having a new goal and on your determination to achieve it. one thing i might suggest is to improve your writing skills. spelling, punctuation and appropriate capitalization are important in professional communication.


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i dont think DIS comment was nessessary, i dinnt ask u about any of that i Know how to use correct whatever I need to use when i need to use it i was just tryin to shorten it some I understand very well about all of that i just would like insight on the question posted thank you!!!


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i DIDNT ask u bout all dat i just wanted insight on the post thank you very much!!

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