List any job related skills..(on applications)


It may seem like a simple question, but what are some additional job related skills that employers really want to know and value?


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Anything that indicates you can handle computers.

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customer service.

ability to speak spanish, depending on your area.


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Agreed on the customer service. They want to know that you work well with others, because a lot of CNAs can be catty, which causes problems for admin. They want to know that you're friendly, reliable, and a hard worker also. There are a few things that you can't really list as being a "skill", but make sure in the interview that you tell them everything they want to hear.

They basically want a worker who is good for their company; you're on time & don't call in often, you are easy to get along with, you're not afraid to do hard work & don't complain, and you plan on being with the company for awhile. Even if you plan on only being with a company for a year or so, don't tell them that. It's expensive to hire and train so they want to think that you're sticking around for as long as possible.