Linkedin etiquette for nurses - to invite or not to invite?


Hey all! I am a new grad RN and recently had a brief interaction with a unit manager about a position I am very interested in. It actually turned out that we had some mutual acquaintances and one of them who works on the unit took her my resume. She was going to introduce me to her in person but the unit manager happened to be in meeting all day. a few days later I called her to follow up and although the position had already been filled, she encouraged me to watch for some positions she was going to be posting. My question is whether or not it is appropriate to add her on linkedin? I feel that with all of the things on her plate, that she may easily forget me in the future and that this may be a good way to stay on her list of possibilities. I am new to linkedin so any etiquette/tips would be great! Thanks :)

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Sure, you can give her a LinkedIn invite... she doesn't have to accept if she doesn't want to. Don't be offended if she doesn't accept.

Be sure to keep your LI profile updated because it has become a major resource for recruiters. Join some LI professional groups also because this is also a great resource for job seekers as well as recruiters.

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You can possibly add the mutual acquaintance who works on the unit, but I think it would be presumptuous at this time to send an invite to the manager. As of now, you do not and have never had any working relationship and you are not colleagues.

I agree with the suggestion above to look for professional groups and networks on LinkedIn - including those that may include that unit manager. See if there is a network for that hospital system -- you can learn a great deal by browsing the members and their job titles.

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LinkedIn generally states that you shouldn't link to someone you don't know. More honored in the breach than the observance, is my observation of so many people with >500 contacts. :)

I completely agree with Altra--you have no working or collegial relationship with the manager. This is not Facebook, although I am fond of calling it "Facebook for Grownups."


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This is what I kind of figured, but I wanted to make sure since I am new to the site. Thank so much for your help and tips! :)