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Quick question for all of you hospital nurses. Do you have specific policy on where linens, specifically extra pillows can be kept in patient rooms? Is it okay to have spare pillows sitting on the chair in the room? Thanks

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We do not have a policy, but we do let the client have as many pillows in their room as they need. We had one patient recently who required 10 pillows in order to provide support for them to sit up, even in the flex chair.

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Do you ever have extra pillows that are in the chair in the room..I am trying to gather some information on safety in the pt's rooms and whether or not having pillows on the chair that someone might sit on would constitute a safety risk..another question, pillows on the heat register I would assume that would be a big no no but you know what they say about assuming things! Erin


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Only in nursing would the rightness or wrongness of pillows on a chair give cause for question.

Actually I would guess there are several reasons for not having them there; not good reasons mind you, but mindless administrator reasons.

First of all, unused linens should always be covered/protected from dust etc. That's why the linen carts have canvas etc. covers over them. And of course the pillows can't be stored on top of the cart because then they would be too close to the ceiling. (How DO we survive at home without such "protections"? lol)

Then there is the matter of utilization. Pillows sitting on chairs are not available for other patients who need them for the basic new admit bed setup, positioning etc. And visitors might sit on them after the patient which might spread germs.

Finally, pillows on chairs don't look good; in some facilities they would offend the sensabilities of the health care facility= hotel crowd.

Oh....and no pillows on the vents or the bio container for relatively obvious reasons.

Gee...answering that was easy......waaaaaayyy too easy for any sane person. I think I have some mangement potential here.


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WOW! You guys have extra pillows?!:rolleyes:

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In our facility patients can store their extra pillows in the closet on a shelf when they're not in use.


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Pillows that have not been used by a patient since cleaned, should be in the closed, with no pillow case on it. If extra pillows are being used by the patient, it is acceptable for them to be on a chair. Of couse, they should not be on the heat register! :uhoh3: I liked the comment "You have extra pillows?" I can't tell you how many searches I've been on in my career, just to find the coveted pillows! :rolleyes:

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Thanks guys!! I know it is a stupid and question and I am in total agreement with all of the posters. When I worked in the hospital, many times the CNAs or nurses would place the new linens in the chair then go room to room and change beds. I have also seen extra pillows (that the pt is using) in the chair. Heck, we used to put pillows in the chair for the pt to sit on if they requested or to put them up higher to eat their meals. Now it is a question of safety but common sense is not a pre req for all of the pts and/or visitors in the hospital. I was just curious if in anyones facility putting pillows on the chairs is an absolute no no..:) Erin

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