what is it like to work at Clarian hospitals...


Like to hear from those who are working or have worked at Clarian network hospitals around Indianapolis as to the culture, pros & cons, and any other points of interests and relevance to new comers.

I have been invited to an Evening at Clarian networking event in July. Before I go, I like to study and get to know the hospital well. If anyone has been to a similar event, please share your experience as well, i.e. what exactly happens, should I be ready to have few intereviews, etc.

With my past experiences in OR, I am looking for a RN opportunity in operating room again.

Thx. much in advance!


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I work at Methodist downtown and I absolutely love it. I am not in the OR but work on the cardio surgical med surg team. We have a great team and I love the patient population. I started at IU and it wasn't right for me, so I transferred here. The Drs, RNs, PCAs, resp techs, transportation, and everyone I work with are really wonderful. I would definately recommend working here to anyone! Let me know if you have any more questions!


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I work at Methodist as well, and just love it!

I work at Ball Hospital in Muncie. We just recently joined the Clarian family. I think so far things are not improving as was promised. The new thing they are doing to us is we are no longer going to get 1.5 time for holidays instead we we get a premium that is much less pay. We are being told that the is due to it not being fair for us to make so much on holidays while other staff (house keepers, kitchen employees, techs, ...) do not. I thinks its ridiculous. I feel that I am not valued by my employer. I have been told that after they complete this change here it we be going out system wide. I live in Muncie and have lived here my whole life and I don't want to drive long periods everyday so I stay.