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Life is so unfair

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I didn't disclose that I was arrested when I applied for my license. They asked for records and now they have forwarded my file to enforcement . What are the chance of them not granting me licensure ? I was not charged with anything . It was dismissed. I had to write a letter of explanation .


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You should've disclosed that you had been arrested.


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What state are you in? Did the issue get resolved?

same thing happened to me, It took less then a week to get things cleared up


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Did they ask you if you have ever been arrested? I can't speak for all BONs, but many only ask if you have any prior convictions. You were not lying IF they never asked you about any history of being arrested. Don't give up.

Depending if the application asked if you have been arrested before and you checked No it can be a downhill spiral. Same thing occurred to me. The BON wanted to mark my license as severely reprimanded due to this. Hopefully it works out for you !

If you write a letter to the BON explaining exactly what happened, how you interpreted the question, etc, you should be fine. You did not intentionally try to not disclose any information. Your interpretation was different than what they wanted.

I hope that, when you say you didn't "disclose" your arrest on your licensure application, you mean that they asked the question differently (other than "have you ever been arrested") and answered whatever question they did ask truthfully. BONs tend to be a lot harder on people who are not fully honest/forthcoming on their applications and then turn out to have records when the background check is done than they are on people with records who were fully open and honest about their records to begin with. If they asked if you've ever been arrested and you answered "no," this will probably take a while.

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