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Licensure from one state to the next?

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Hello all~! I am currently a student working on pre-recs for nursing ( ultimately a PA) I found out we are going to be moving from Washington to Georgia next year. So I decided to do my LPN at least so I had somethign to go with, but I didnt consider if I would be able to work in Georgia? I will actually have my phlebotomist license, CNA, and LPN along with my general associates by the time I go. Will I be able to get certified in Georgia too?


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If you have a nursing license there is something called reciprocity. You can move from state to state and basically have that state honor your previous license. You have to contact the state in which you want to move to and apply for licensure to have your current license endorsed by them. It is usually a pretty uncomplicated process. I would imagine that you can do similar things with a phlebotomist or CNA certification. But then again if you were an LPN you wouldn't need those other certifications any more. Once you start nursing school they should explain this to you again.

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My initial LVN licensure was issued from California, and I've successfully been able to endorse this license into Texas and Oklahoma. Once you are licensed in a particular state, you should be able to endorse it into any other state as long as you meet the licensing requirements of the new state's BON (board of nursing). Receiving a license in a new state is referred to as "licensure by endorsement." Good luck to you!

The Georgia Board of Nursing has some extra requirements for transferring license as an LPN/LVN. http://sos.georgia.gov/plb/rn/ I would suggest you contact them. Basically the school you attend has to be similar to theirs, good luck!


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im also working on the liscensure by endorsement. all the paperwork has been sent in just waiting for last facility to decide to fax the info to my board of nursing. they said once they get that paper they will notify me of continuing ed requirements. i have been out of nursing for 2 1/2 years. i stupidly let my liscense lapse. had bad expierence with last facility i worked as a lpn

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