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Licensure in Chicago, Illinois

[font=arial]hi! i'm tricia, a registered nurse and i will be immigrating to chicago, from the philippines, next month. i plan to take the nclex in chicago by october or november this year. i need someone who can guide me on how i can apply for nclex in chicago. please help. thanks.

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Hello and welcome to the wonderful family of allnurses. Glad to have you with us. Someone who can answer your question will stroll around soon. Take care and best of luck to you. :)

Have you applied to Illionois for licensure yet? Have you taken and passed the CGFNS exam? Illinois requires that exam for any foreign grad who does not have at least two years of experience working in the US as an RN.

It will take you a couple of months after you have applied to Illinois BON before you will be able to get permission to write the exam. Once you get the letter from Illinois that they have accepted your credentials, you can then register with Pearson-Vue for the exam.

What type of Visa will you be on?

Yes, I have already passed the CGFNS and also I have a visa screen certificate. I received an immigrant visa, i was petition by my employer. All I need is to pass the NCLEX. I'm a little bit confused on how I will apply to Illinois, so I can register to Pearson-Vue. I have downlaoded an application form from Illinois department of Finance and Professional Regulation, but I'm confused. Do I need to send a letter to Illinois for me to be able to take the NCLEX? Where will I send the letter? Please help. Thanks

Sorry but Finance and Registration has nothing to do with writing NCLEX.

You need to apply to Illinois Board of Nursing for nursing license by examination. I hope that you have done this already. Your agency should have done this for you..............once they have approved of your credentials, they will then send you a letter that you meet the requirements for licensure except for having taken and passed NCLEX. At that point, you can pay the $200 to Pearson-Vue via their website at http://www.pearsonvue.com and as soon as they get the approval from the BON, they will issue you the ATT which is an "Authorization to Test" letter and they hyou can schedule your date for the exam.

I don't have any agency. My petition was processed by an attorney. Upon arrival to chicago, that's the only time I will apply for NCLEX. Please guide me on how to apply to Illinois Board of Nursing for nursing license by examination. Do I need to write them or there is an application form that I need to fill up. Please help. thanks.

You should have already applied to the Illinois BON, I highly recommend that you do that as quickly as possible. Just go to their website and follow the instructions. I suggest that you do it before you leave your home country, as it can take several months before you will get approval from them to sit for the exam.

Can you give the website of Illinois BON?

Hi there,

I'm going to take nclex next mth and also taking martin review for ten days in california. Do u have any information how reliable that review is?????????? I'm a foreign nurse and will take exam the 3rd time otherwise i have to go back to my country. feeling very depressed and lonely and need r help.

PLz tell me abt martin review. If u know abt it.


hello guys,im james from the philippines just recently pass the local board exam here.i heared the cgfns is no longer needed in soome states like chicago but you have to pass nclex together with english exam for you to get a visa screen.my probler is if where could i get an application form,i already visited bon chicago but its a little difficult to look for an nclex form there..just wanna know if this"registered professional nurse examination packet"is the nclex form already just wanna make sure thanx guys...lastly do i really need to undergo credential evaluation service before i can apply for nclex exam thanx to all

hi! good day! is it possible for a nurse from the philipinnes be petitioned for the US (esp chicago or minnesota)... & take nclex in the US? provided that my stay will be limited until i pass the nclex there and that i will work in a home care. :) i only passed ielts, yet. God bless! one in a billion shot. :)

Hi! good day! Im wondering how could I apply for the NCLEX exams for Illinois. You see, I passed the CGFNS alreadu passed the IELTS and already have a visa screen. Should I get a CES to be sent to Illinois board? and how about the english exam? is IELTS accepted??Thanks a lot for the help.. I really appreciate it!

hi suzanne good day, I m ria..I am a registered nurse in the Philippines.. I want to ask you few questions hope you can help me...I'm planning to take Nclex in Chicago this year..I have downloaded an application form in a certain website.. I've read their instructions and I want to ask what do you mean by dual application?do I need to register to the continental service center too?after I send my application form to the BON?

My auncle asked me to take Nclex exam so he can petitioned me..he told me not to get cgfns anymore and what I need to prioritize is to get Nclex first..

I'm just a little bit confused...is it possible to take nclex although I havent taken any cgfns exams?can you give me advice what should I do first?pls help me...

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You have to meet requirements for foreign trained nurse and requires either CGFNS CES full course by course or ERES. I personally would go with CGFNS CES as your documents can then be used for the visa screen certificate if you go with ERES then at some stage you will have to send the documents to them. Your uncle can not petition you and even if he could you are affected by retrogression and will see a long wait as many many nurses are already ahead of you. You do not need CGFNS exam and now only approx 4 states require it.


As this is an old thread titles changed to reflect application for licensure

Family based petitions are looking at more than 15 years, so remove this from your thought. It is admirable as to what your uncle wants to do, but it is not something that can be done by him for you.

Illinois requires that the CES be completed, they will not grant permission for you to even sit for the NCLEX exam until they have reviewed that. There is no way to take the exam and get licensed in Illinois without the CES being completed. Sorry, but your uncle is giving you bad advice. As Anna has mentioned, the CGFNS exam is only needed for four states out of the entire US.

You will need to start with the credentials eval before you can do anything. You also need to take and pass the series of English exams as well for immigration purposes. If your training was 100% in English, then Illinois will waive the language requirement, but the US government will not.

There is also no way to apply directly for the NCLEX exam, you will be applying for licensure as an RN and need to meet all of the requirements of the specific state. Then once approved, they will grant permission for you to sit for the NCLEX exam. Please be aware that you are still looking at years for a chance at a green card for the US. Would highly recommend that you consider going to another country for experience if you are not already working as an RN now in your country.

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