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can someone share their experiences in applying for nclex rn in nevada? from submitting the application forms & receiving the eligibility.maybe you can show a timeline.its been 1mo. & I haven't received the application forms through mail.I already emailed BON NV,& they said that its up to the u.s. & phil. postal office.

thanks in advance

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Title changed as not applying for NCLEX RN but licensure of which NCLEX is part of that process. Average processing time is 4-6 months dependent that all documents are received in an orderly fashion and if required CES report is done and sent

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They will not even look at your application if you do not have the CES submitted to them as well.

Average wait time is four months plus from when you started the process until you get the approval to sit for the exam.

There is no specific timeline as there are many things that can change such as when your school or licensing agency fills out and submits what they need to do.

Nothing is done without a completed application and all documents in their hands.

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