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Licensing in multiple noncompact states


Is it correct that you can possess licenses for multiple noncompact states at once (e.g. CA, HI, and WA)? That seems to be true from what I am reading online, but the information is kind of confusing so I just wanted to make sure! Thank you so much šŸ™‚


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Yes, you can obtain and keep active multiple non-compact licenses at the same time. ( I held PA, NJ, DE while doing home infusion). One applies to each state desired to obtain that states license.


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One issue - it can become expensive. You'll have to pay for each new license in each new state, and then you'll have to pay for the 'home' state to provide your info.

Things vary state to state and can become time consuming. Also remember, that states may have re-licensure CEU requirements.

So be selective if you must, but if you live where easy inter-state travel means job possibilities, go for it. Also if you have SERIOUS plans for relocation, esp for school, then apply. It would BEHOOVE you to have that golden license IN-HAND as you apply for jobs. (Potential employers hate to wait while your appl is 'pending' and you risk being passed over!)

I, too, held NJ/PA/DE licenses for school/practice purposes.