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Hi I am graduating in May from an Illinois BSN program. I would like to take the test in Illinois because I have heard that it is nearly impossible and takes forever to get an IL license by endorsement. However, my fiance was just transfered to St Louis Missouri and I would like to go with him obviously. There are hospitals close enough in Illinois that I am applying to but I would also like to get my Missouri license to increase my options. How long does it take to get the MO license after getting a license in IL? What about a temporary MO license?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Google is your friend..........Let me google that for you


On average, the processing time for a nursing license in Missouri is 30 to 45 days. Applications that that require review by the Licensure committee will take up to four months before processing can occur.


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I've read all of that previous to your comment and I am still not clear on whether it would be easier to get a permanent MO license and wait the 30-45 days or if you can get a temporary license sooner...thanks...


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and in the future, if all you have is a smart ass answer, its better to not say anything at all.

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