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Can you work for a hospital as an RN prior to actually passing the state boards or does it depend on the institution? I have asked around and I am getting mixed answers. I have heard that most hospitals give you one year to pass your boards but you can work as an RN prior to passing the boards and I have also heard that you need your license to work.

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To be hired as a RN then you need a license, some states do offer a temp license but think that is only valid for 6 months and you have to take NCLEX within the 6 months. Once taken NCLEX the temp license is no longer valid and if you fail then you generally work in another capacity until you do. Not all employers will even employ you in another capacity all varies



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I think some hospitals will hire you after graduation, but before you pass boards. I think they hire you as a student nurse extern or tech, with the expectation that you will move into an RN position when you pass.



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No, you can not work without a license. You can get a temporary license, however. You basically apply for it at the end of your last class, and they issue you that pass so you start working right away. It's valid for 6 months (but most people take their NCLEX 1-2 months after graduation). I believe you are limited in your scope of practice under this license. I think you have to work under the supervision of an RN while you're working under the temporary license. You will only be referred to as an RN once you pass the state boards.

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