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License through endorsement with criminal background


Hello everyone!

I know there are a few states that do not require a background check in order to receive a license. I currently live in CA and since my misdemeanor is recent, I know my hopes of working in CA are lost now. I'm already in my last year of nursing school so dropping out is not an option. I love what I do and it's worth it for me to take the risk of not being licensed to pursue my dreams.

So my thought process is this.....There are 6 states in CA that do not conduct background checks to obtain a license. Is it more favorable, if I get licensed in one of these states, work for a few years, then ask for license through endorsement with CA once 5+ years has past since my last conviction? Does anyone know if license through endorsement (as opposed through exam) would be easier when going through enforcement? (Since the BRN-CA will see that you've been working as a nurse for some time and have not gotten into any trouble since.

Any advice would be greatly appreciate!

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I am confused - "There are 6 states in CA that do not conduct background checks to obtain a license."

I am assuming that by CA you are talking about the state of California? Or do you mean Canada by chance?

Anyway - every state in America requires nurses to undergo background testing. Additionally any prospective employer will also conduct their own background check. You indicate that you are in your final year of nursing school. You will need to report your misdemeanor to the board prior to testing, so I would highly recommend gathering all your documentation and references now. This may also affect your clinicals and your school may require that any criminal actions be reported to them also. I wish you the best as you work through this situation.

I'm sorry, I meant that there are 6 states in the US that are said to not run an FBI background check.

Also, you have to already have a license to do license by endorsement. Do you plan to go to another state to take the exam?

No need to travel. You can get Florida license by examination while u are in California. No need to be in Florida