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I know a lot of employers offer this for thier nurses. I am currently waiting for a call back to see what type (if any) the hospital I will be working for has. I have always thought it was a good idea to have my own policy but I am unsure of any reputable places that offer good coverage. I live in Pa and have been looking at NSO. We have coverage for our autos and house through state farm and they would give me coverage by putting an endorsment on our homeowners policy...I do not like this idea.

I am basically wondering who all has their own professional liability coverage, who you use and how you found them. Thanks for any input on this subject!!

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I just applied for through NSO. I've heard good things about them. I don't work for a hospital, I am going to start private duty nursing so I wanted to make sure I was covered no matter what the circumstance. Besides, $45 the first year isn't a bad premium at all! (I received a recent grad discount).


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NSO is the most popular/most common. They are legit.

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I wouldn't let an insurance company put an endorsement for my on my homeowner's policy.

One claim on your liability, and they could decide you are a risk, and drop you like a hot potato.

We don't even list high-dollar, high-risk items on our homeowner's - like my diamond ring or our laptops - because if we lose one, it's a strike against the homeowner's policy. If my diamond disappeared the same year our laptops are stolen, and it's all listed on the homeowner's - it all goes against the homeowner's policy and we could lose the house insurance. We have separate policies for these items (the laptops are $30 a year each, so it's certainly not expensive).

This was explained to me by our insurance company, Nationwide.

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