Level one nursing - should I take an NCLEX review course?

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Hello everyone!

I'm a Level One (first semester) nursing student. I was wondering if anyone has taken an NCLEX review course prior to attending nursing school. Since all of the nursing tests are based on the NCLEX, would this help prepare for nursing school exams? Or would an NCLEX review be waaaaaay over a level one's head?

In hindsight, does anyone wish they would have taken a prep course early in their schooling?

Inquiring minds want to know.....:confused:


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I would not recomend taking an NCLEX review course just yet. You will get to take one after level three at ECC. This was helpful at that point. Then you can take the same one after level four, when your heart will be in it much more! I would just get an NCLEX book and start reviewing that.

Good luck.

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There would be no use in taking it that early.... The knowledge is so far ahead of level one, that there is no way you could know the answer, so the course wouldn't help any

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Alexander - you'll want to wait a while. Nursing school exam questions are formatted like the NCLEX to help you get used to that style of test. But NCLEX questions are designed for the graduate nurse - not the other way around. You don't have enough of a knowledge base yet for it to be meaningful.

Many people have told me that about 1/2 way through your program is when you need to start picking up NCLEX review books. My favorite instructor recommends doing 5,000 practice questions (over a year or more) before taking the NCLEX.

Best of luck to you.

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Someone once told me: "The best way to study for boards is to pay attention in nursing school." Do well in school, and worry about studying for NCLEX your last semester. And take a class if you want, the spring of the year you graduate. You'll be fine if you are a good student and you have good curriculum.


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Okay, so no review course. Clearly the information would be waaaaaaaaaaay over my head. .

rpbear: I sent an email to your new email address. Let me know if you don't recieve it.

Thanks for your advice everyone!

On a side note: Nursing school rocks!

Thank you all.


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I sent you a PM!

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