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Looking for some feedback. I habe just finished my first semester in Nursing school, I got an

(A) in clinicals,

(A) in math

(B) in lecture,

74.50 (D) in skills lecture..

I missed the skills lecture by .50% of a point, they wanat me to retake all the classes over.. the whole semester, even the classes I passed,is that normal?... what are my options, should I fight it? what are the chances of them letting me move forward? thanks for any feedback..stressed and grieving...Poppy


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That does seem odd...in my program (BSN) if you fail a class you must retake the failed class over in the following semester. You cannot take any other nursing classes in that semester. But I've never heard of retaking classes that you have successfully passed.


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So, they want you to take the classes that you passed over again, too? I have never heard of such a thing. At my school, if you fail a class, then you only repeat the class you failed, not the class(es) you passed.


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I know in my CC we have to take whole semester over if we do not pass any part of it! It's all or nothing! Sorry to hear about your situation! Good luck next semester!


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Perhaps its the only community college level that does it? Im so angry I could....

do you think universities would take the credits on the ones I hve passed...thanks guys


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ALL THE COURSES OVER?! that really doesnt make any sense to me...I would talk to your adviser first about it and then move up from there...because I have never heard that before. good luck


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Unfortunately in my program the semester is one class worth 10-11 credits. You get a letter grade for lecture and pass/fail for clinicals and lab. Flunk any you flunk all.


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In my program (community college), if you fail any part you fail it all. The only grades that we get are from our exams in lecture and lab. I know of people that got an A or B in class and an unsatisfactory in clinical and that turned their grade into an automatic D - they have to repeat it all. I don't know how universities do it, they would probably take your credits though.

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