Let me enligten you about the HESI A2.

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I've been roaming around this site for roughly two years. When I first looked into the nursing program, I learned about the HESI A2 exam. I took the exam without much difficulty because I believe I had more education and general knowledge than what the exam was testing me over. However, there are many people out there that are starting out in college and don't have much foundational knowledge. Or, one doesn't test well. Or, one has had the courses but doesn't have good comprehension. There are many reasons why one isn't up to par with the testing material.

Over this past summer, I set out to find good resources available for the HESI A2 or comparable pre-nursing entrance exams. Guess what I found. Hardly anything available. And believe me, I searched hundreds of websites. At first, I didn't understand why. But, thinking about it, I believe some of the following reasons are the case. The nursing staff needs to test you on your knowledge because there is a correlation between one's ability (test scores) on the test and one's chances of passing the nursing program. And, the test creators don't want too many resources available because then you won't be "forced" to buy the study guide. Have you ever noticed that the nursing programs refer you to some bland website for review OR buying the guide? There is a money factor to consider. Almost every nursing program website I've been to has a referral to buying the study guide. There are a few popular ones available.

Popular guides include: evolve's study guide and the hesi a2 secrets. Let me enlighten you. Evolve is the creator of the HESI A2 test. I've seen the guide. It's poorly written and provides few examples to test yourself. As far as the "secrets" guide. There are no secrets on the test. The guide doesn't have anything more or less than any other guide out there especially it wouldn't have more than what's in the test's creator's guide. Also, there is a lot of websites out there that want capitalize on the fact that you being forced to take this entrance exam. Most of the websites are mirrors of the same scam or say, "Buy this and we guarantee success!" This is crap as well.

Here is the real deal. The HESI A2 and other similar tests are determining your knowledge in several key areas. These areas are: math, reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, biology, learning style, and personality style. Grading scales range from excellent, very good, satisfactory, and needs improvement. Emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. The sciences are important but a very basic knowledge is needed. You aren't applying to be research scientists, doctors, biologists, or chemists therefore a superficial knowledge is only required. You will hone your science skills pertaining to nursing as one is in the program.

So why do I care or why even post this? I care because I believe students don't have a very good foundational knowledge in a majority of these areas. I tutor a variety of subjects and most people have knowledge that pertains to everyday life. Frankly, we don't use this type of knowledge regularly. I care because schools are requiring you to take an exam, make you pay for it (ranging from $30-$90), and there isn't decent, free resources available specific for the exam. So you are stressed and out more money for an exam that you don't know how to prepare for.

Here's what I suggest:

I can guarantee you that you won't find very many free resources out there. I only advocate for free material. I suggest that if you find a website that is specific to HESI A2, that is useful and most important, free, then you post it here. There are great websites out there for each area that one can practice from. Again, we need resources that are specific to individual portions of the test. You won't find much about the HESI A2 overall that is useful or isn't trying to sell you something. Overall, I'm hoping to create a useful and free place that people come to without having to buy something or worry about ridiculous advertising. And, if there is a good HESI A2 resource hub, people with questions about the test can come to and get free resources and advice.

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Hi Can you please let me know if the HESI A2 hub was created and how to access the resources. thank you



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While I appreciate your feelings about the Hesi A2, I really did not feel that the test was THAT difficult. I did not use any resources whatsoever. I took the TEAS test for another school and felt that it was a much more challenging test. I just want to say that someone reading this post should not be discouraged, the most difficult part of the Hesi A2 was the A&P portion, and if you have taken A&P you should be good, besides all schools don't require all of the sections of the test. Just sayin...



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Cliff's nursing pre-entrance exam study guide

Cliff's general biology for those that didn't take any biology

Cliff's general chemistry

McGraw-Hill RN preentrance exam study guide book (either the latest one, or previous edition)

^ all of those will help. HESI A2 test is not that exotic.

For math, reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge, grammar, (Hesi's emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary, I agree): Get a GED review book for any / all of those subjects that give you trouble. The HESI A2 is testing high school and college freshman level skills.

chemistry, anatomy and physiology, biology: You might have to actually take a class in those, if you just can't manage to self-teach yourself enough to pass the preentrance exams.

learning style, and personality style: Are either not included or are optional for many schools. I'd be inclined to say if they are optional, don't take them. Why volunteer information that the selection committee can use to reject you.

Do all the practice questions you can. don't buy from this site http://www.testprepreview.com/teas_practice.htm but use their TEAS free questions.

McGraw-Hill TEAS study guide might be of value, too. All of these tests seem to ask the same stuff.



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chelechele, I just *love* your avatar. You are just going to be so much trouble in RN school, Little Missy, what with that snarl and insolent attitude and cigarette, and all. >;-D

For those having difficulties with math, I ran across this interesting thread russian math different from US math (high school, mathematics, master, grade) - universities, high schools, elementary schools, teachers... - City-Data Forum on another board (hope that link doesn't violate any policy). And it occurred to me that maybe today's students have not had to memorize multiplication tables, rules for correct grammar, and other essential things. I'm an older student, and I definitely got old fashioned teaching by rote in the small towns that I grew up in.

These pre-RN assessment tests all test you on knowledge that you carry around in your head. If you haven't had really old-fashioned training by rote for math, and English grammar and vocabulary, I can see why these HESI / PAX / TEAS tests are so difficult. I don't know what to tell you, except somehow you'll have to get that into your head before you take these tests. I still recommend the GED math review for math skills. If you don't remember multiplication tables, brush up on those. 9s and 7s were particularly troublesome to me, because they are not used much except on tests.

Perhaps the study guides that you buy for the specific tests are not all that useful as study guides, but will give you an idea of the test's content. Maybe team up with friends, one of you buy the study guide, and share it. Then get the GED English book, math book, etc. which should be available at a public library, and start working through those.



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Has anyone used quizlet.com? They have quite a few flash card sets. I've studied the vocab here, and have always been good at math but have no idea what to expect on the general knowledge portion of the exam.



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I am looking to apply to College of Dupage's ADN program next fall. They require the HESI A2 exam....it says "COD will test you on vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, A&P, learning style and personality." It does NOT explicitly say MATH. I am very, very worried about math on exams as I do not do well. Can someone please tell me what "general knowledge" means? What exactly is on the exam in that regard?!!??