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Hi every one,

I am new to this forum but it sounded so good. It is like a family who is always there when you need them. I just scheduled my Nclex for March 1st.:uhoh3: I am freaking out as most of you are who scheduled as well. I also took Kaplan and practicing 100-150 question each day. I still don't feel confident and worry about if I would ..... the exam. I need all the prayers and support I can get. I am staying home mom right now so sometimes it gets really hard to manage time for study. Any advices will be appreciated and I will keep you all posted for all the wonderful things will be going on in my life.:smiletea2:


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:studyowl: Hey you will be fine just remember what you learned in your review. The reviews are wonderful tools to help you. However, remember you can study too much. I took 1 hour a day to answer practice questions. The night before the test only review your main meds and put the books down. Have a nice dinner out and a glass of wine. Go to bed early and remember you can do it!


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best of luck to yah:) pray and take a deep breath. sure you wil make it.


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God bless!

il also b taking my exam this March and only get 57% when i answer Kaplan..umm..i only answered the first two tests....i dont think thats good enough..any advice..?


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:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: I am so glad someone else said they got their score in 50's (%) that is all I am getting my highest is 65% in only one exam. I do want to ask you if you are talking about question trainer question I believe that first two or may be even third are totally content based. Where as four and onward are more apllication base that is what nclex is looking for analysis and application. Anyway good luck to you, keep us posted and will be in our prayers.

PS: I do want to ask every one who already took their Nclex and also took Kaplan how different are the questions as compare to Kaplan? I mean as far as the pattern and concept concerns is it pretty simliar, hard or easier? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks. :nuke:

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