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Lessons in Turkey Anatomy


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In Nursing school most of us have A&P prerequisites. We get the opportunity to dissect all kinds of things. Students might find that they not only attack the holiday turkey with glee, they get to apply their dissecting skills with wide-eyed anticipation. Approaching the bird with with a scalpel might not be the correct instrument, however. This holiday season will you be in charge of the turkey dissection, uh, I mean, carving?

My program includes A&P rather than requiring it prior (if previously taken, it must have been taken within a year prior). Our biggest dissection was a cat.

I carved the turkey for Thanksgiving. Carving it wasn't much of an issue (not too much - kept over thinking it though), but eating it is another issue. I've struggled with eating certain meats ever since we did the rat and cat to the point I can't eat it anymore. The only time I was semi interested in "dissecting" and what I was doing was when cleaning of plain chicken breast before cooking it.


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I still cannot sew, cut, draw ... straight lines. Some of my healthcare "handywork", I'm sure, is a little crooked. A&P didn't help me at all with carving a cooked bird. :)