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all - i've seen a few posts addressing similar questions but wanted to ask for feedback on my specific situation.

i graduated from college in 1991 and have been working in two fields unrelated to nursing (journalism and pr). over the past two years, however, i've decided i really want to go into nursing.

here's the issue: i didn't focus on my academics when i was in college as i was concurrently working as a reporter at the newspaper i would join full-time upon graduation. so my focus was the job, not my classes. as a result, my cum gpa is a 2.7, which i know falls short of the 3.0+ that many accelerated or second degree bsn programs require.

i am set to begin my pre-reqs this fall. if i do exceptionally well in them, will some schools give weight to a) those grades; b) the fact that it's been 20 years since my middling academic performance (that was under mitigating circumstances); and c) the fact that i've done very well since college, demonstrating that i can excel? or am i saddled with this less-than-stellar performance any way i look at it?

i'm in the hudson valley so any suggestions on schools that might be more open to these conditions would be appreciated. also, if anyone thinks it just won't happen, what's my next best avenue? do i try for an adn so at least i can sit for the rn exam?

many thanks for any and all feedback.

You may want to look into it with your school. You can probably just google it and find out for sure, but in Texas there is a fresh start law. Maybe there is one in your state. It says that you can start over if it has been more than 10 years. So maybe your low GPA won't have to count against you and you would be able to start fresh. I'm not sure of what the details are, but it could be worth looking into if you really want to go into nursing!

Just wanted to chime in with more support. #1) Your pre-reqs should bump you up from 2.9 to 3.0 no problem. #2) Some schools, like mine, have what they call the 'spirit of bankruptcy' where they will bankrupt your previous GPA if you've been out of school for more than 2 years and go off of your current GPA. Hopefully one of those two scenarios will be your answer, if not the latter, then definately the prior(0: Good luck with your pre-req work (((good vibes)))

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