Less competitive schools in CA?

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Helllo everyone!

I am brand new here and a little desperate.

So here's the nitty gritty. I want to get into a nursing program and live in SoCal, meaning most of the programs are extremely impacted and insanely competitive. My science GPA is low..like the lowest it could be without totally disqualifying me from applying.

The reason for this is I am a first generation college student and took these pretty early in my academic career. There was a learning curve.

My science GPA is a 2.5 with a C in Anatomy, a B in Physio and a B in Micro.

(Side note: I have an A in Chemistry, but most schools don't count it).

My overall GPA is a 3.78 and I have a Bachelor's degree.

I have some, not a lot, of volunteer hours and a CNA license, working on getting a job.

Anyone have any knowledge of less competitive schools? Or maybe ones a little more understanding. I feel locked here, stuck, because of one bad semester!!


I was about to suggest that you do ABSN, but then your 2.5 GPA will disqualify you at the door. I guess you are aiming at associate degrees in nursing for now? From my experience ASN programs require 2.75 GPA as their minimum to qualify. Obviously I do not know much about you, except for the facts presented here, you may want to try LPN route first as LPN schools are less competitive. Then you will be able to do LPN-RN bridge program. As a last resort, try relocating.

Most all CA programs have mostly transitioned into a point system meaning your Science GPA plays a big role. My program requires science GPA to be at least 2.75 you can check on BON website for list of schools and go from there check their website and read requirement. I should also let you know the minimum Science GPA requirement only allows to apply your TEAS score will also be important to accumulate points. Good luck

Study hard and do your best on the TEAS. Do more volunteering so that you can qualify for extra points. Then, apply to every school that you're eligible for and see if you get in. Additionally, research and find out if any schools will allow you to retake the sciences. Most won't, but you never know.

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