what's the length of time from ASN to BSN?

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Just wondered about how long it takes to get a BSN/MSN after ASN...I'm asking because hubby (the most wonderful guy that i know =) ) Signed over his GI bill to me to use for school...i already ahve a grant that will pay for the rest of my ASN except for the CPNE (which i have money saved to pay for already anyway myself). Once i begin using the GI bill i am only authorized to use the money for a consecutive 36 mo. So i wondered if i had enough time to get my MSN or if it takes a long time to get the BSN.

I'll be probably trying to do full time schooling and would prefer an online program....

thanks all!

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I did my BSN in about 18 months, but it was my 4th degree and I only needed 10 classes. Probably depends on the program and the amount of credits you have already, but I think 36 months is do-able for an MSN, most likely. I was pretty lazy about my BSN - I only took two classes at a time twice, and I even skipped a session or two to study for some certifications.

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Thanks! I'm thinking if i go through the Frontier school for their CFNP they do a short "bridge" from ASN to BSN (although do not award the BSN degree) and it's a total of 36mo so rather than taking a BSN somewhere else i'll probably stick with one school =)

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I am doing a 3 semester RN-BSN locally through a NC university. So about 9 months. Also if I want to do MSN. It will probably take another 2 years. So 36 months is reasonable if you work really hard.

Tasha, I am also looking at Frontier. Will do BSN elsewhere since they require 1 year as an RN for their Master's programs I'll spend the year getting my BSN and be eligible to do the 2 year FNP.

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i'm going to call them though, i think the one year is if you want midwifery because they will also take you earlier than a year if you have labor/delivery, doula or lactation specialist...well if you are doing NP you wouldnt need those anyway...so i was going to ask them if it can be waived or shortened...it doesnt seem like they have a waiting list going on or anything...i'd love to go their route, but i have to time everything quickly cause i'm getting only 36 mo of financial aide thrugh my hubby's GI bill so i'd rather just do the 36 mo straight with them!

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