Will there be jobs for a nurse who did a cert. legal nurse course?

  1. If an Rn who just worked in a medsurg environment did one of those certified legal nurse courses, will there be jobs available for it? Or will I run into the "must have 3-5 years experience as clnc" in order to apply for the job?
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  3. by   RiskManager
    I would say only that I have encountered several people who have gone through Vickie's course and they all have been disappointed in the return on investment. I don't know of any LNC who are making a living at it in Seattle. I know several nurses who work for my plaintiff attorney colleagues on personal injury cases, but I think that few, if any of them went through the LNC process. I get the occasional call from people who have done the process and they are looking for a referral to one of my plaintiff personal injury friends or they are asking if it qualifies them to be a risk manager (it doesn't, in my office). For those of my nursing colleagues who work in the plaintiff personal injury offices, all of them have many years or decades of experience, and that is what I would be looking for if I was hiring for that. As an example, one of my plaintiff attorney offices who specializes in OB litigation has two nurses that have worked OB for about 20 years each before leaving the bedside.

    Good luck to you, and I will be interested to see the experience of others in this thread.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    The purveyors of such 'certifications' are the only ones making any money. Avoid!