Oct VMI course in Vegas?

  1. Anyone going? Any tips for anyone who has attended to get the most out of it?

    I have been lurking awhile, thinking about this change after 23 years as a nurse, the last decade in the area of Informatics. Looking forward to new challenges!

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  3. by   sirI
    hello, seattledeb and welcome to allnurses.com and the legal nursing forum

    i am not sure if any taking the course in october. maybe some will come forward for discussion.

    as for how to get the most out of the course? be prepared for a fast-paced course. take notes, listen. make time each evening to study while at the course. you will enjoy the course, i'm sure.

    good luck and enjoy the site here at allnurses.
  4. by   Agnus
    Yea, someone else. I am going to Las Vegas. I am not staying at the hotel with the conference as it is soooo expensive. In stead booked a room at the Travel Lodge on the strip (only 1 mile away) so I will be walking to and from the conference every day. I booked it and my airline together but as best I can figure out it is about 1/2 the cost of the other hotel.
  5. by   nightingale
    That is exciting Agnus. Have you done anything to prepare for the course?
  6. by   sirI
    hello, agnus. so glad that you will be taking the vm course. please come back and let us know how you liked it. and, when you pass, please post here!!!!!!!

    good luck and enjoy the course.
  7. by   seattledeb
    Hey there, Agnus, will be great to know someone there! I am researching other hotels in the area to find a cheaper one myself-scary enough how much we are spending on this, eh? We should chat more offline if you are ok with that. My background is 23 years of nursing, mainly NICU, home health and then informatics for the last 10 years. I am looking at picking up some part time work again in perhaps long term care to get back into a clinical setting both for flexible work and to add to my usefulness as an LNC.
  8. by   nurscathwil
    Hey There, My Name Is Cathy And I Am Considering Lnc Also. I'm Thinking About Online With Aalnc. Does Anyone Out There Know If That Will Give Me The Info I Need. I Heard Vmi Is More About The Marketing Side Of Lnc.
  9. by   sirI
    hello, nurscathwil,

    welcome to allnurses.com and the legal nursing forum. good to have you with us.

    click on this link aalnc legal nurse consulting online course found in this forum for helpful info regarding the online aalnc course.

    as for the milazzo course being mostly marketing, no. it is a very intense course that covers all aspects of the lnc career which includes marketing techniques. post-certification mentoring is available for marketing information. after the course, there is a 2-day apprenticeship devoted to marketing only. that might be to what you refer?

    here is a link to the clnc core curriculum from the milazzo institute.

    there are other sticky's in this forum to review as well. if i can assist you any further, please do not hesitate to contact me and/or post in this forum your questions/comments.

    enjoy the site.
  10. by   Agnus
    Nightengale, you asked what I am doing to prepare. Well until they send out the vedios (I ordered the full VIP package so I get the home video version as well) there is not much I can do. I did start reading a great little book though called Soft Selling in a Hard World. As I read and do the exercises I am doing it in terms of selling my LNC services.

    It is a real eye opener and I recomend it. (got it at amazon)

    I understand it is not all marketing why would it be? However, one of the reasons I chose this school is because it does teach how to market this particular service to attorneys.

    Though I have some sales and marketing experience I know this is so specialized that I would not get specifics on marketing this anywhere else. because I have sales and marketing experience and have owned businesses I know how very critical this is.

    I believe even if it was JUST marketing looking you nose down on this course would be a big mistake. Good marketing and selling make or break any business.

    I know nothing about legal nurse consulting so I am there to learn the core. Since this lady invented this business I would think she would know what she is doing both interms of core and selling the service.

    I worry about going to some more accedemic schools for this because I know a lot of folks learn the core but don't really work it. So what is left for them but to teach core and theory. I am not saying those who can't, teach. I am saying that often people tucked away in acedamia are often not actually actively and vigoriously working in the field and don't always offer the best education in some cases.

    So I am going for both reasons the core and the marketing. If you believe it is not valuable try running a business without it. We sell every day and when we are in business our livelyhood depends on it more than ever. If you think selling in a diry profession then do not try to go into business yourself. Even if you hire a sales staff you must sell, and you must know what you are doing in terms of sales and marketing because you have to manage your sales and marketing team. I speak from experience.
  11. by   nightingale

    I am very excited for you. YOU sounds sucessful already.
  12. by   Agnus
    Thanks Nightegale.
    Thanks Siri, for the link to the Core.
  13. by   sirI
    Very well said, Agnus!! Good luck with the course. And, you are welcome.
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  14. by   Hagabel
    Good luck guys with the course, I did mine last Oct and enjoyed it. However do not worry about exam, all info is given to you during course. It was intense but fun.
    As for marketing, I have done NO marketing and it seems from a lot of my colleagues Marketing is not where you will make all your contacts.
    the big thing is Networking.................networking has got me all of of my cases.
    Do the course, do not expect to come out of it earning $150 per hr at first. Join local AALNC and use any contacts you may have with attorneys socially, locally etc.
    Good luck,

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