Legal Nurse Consultants out there?

  1. Hi!!

    I am an LPN going on to the RN program in the fall.

    My two part question is this: Do I have to be a RN to move on to Legal Consultant Nursing school? Presently I have four years experience as a Nurse.

    However, when I am done and then move on to legal Nursing Consultant school (which I have reviewed online programs) is there an actual job site like indeed offering positions or is it strictly self promotion to Attorneys?

    I have no problem being a door knocker and self promoter. My only reason for not contacting schools directly with this question is that they will NEVER stop bothering me if I give them my email address and consider another school of choice

    Thank you for your help !!!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   bklynbaby
    Yes you have to be a RN to be a LNC.

    And you should definitely get atleast 2-5 years nursing experience before actively trying to pursue LNC. Most times I have seen ads for LNCs that asks for ICU, OR or ED experience. Although I am sure that those types of experience aren't required but those are preferred experiences I have seen posted.

    Theres no real website for jobs, just occasional job postings on monster, careerbuilder, etc... So you will definitely need to market yourself. Joining AALNC after you graduate from RN school is a good way to network.
  5. by   diana13122
    Thank you! It is very helpful information. Yes I will def finish my RN and move from there. I presently have med office Specialty and NEVER want to be a floor Nurse. So those arenas are not of interest except the OR perhaps.

    Thanks again!