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Leaving my job and question about patients

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I've been working at my pediatrician's office for almost 5 years. I worked really hard to build a trusting relationship between me and my little patients and their parents. I have come to know the regulars quite well and most of the parents have come to know me and often call me for advice.

On May 2nd I'm leaving that job and going to another physician's office in town. I'm not really sure how to go about telling all those parents that I'm leaving. I've told a few and they were not happy, but there are many more that will not be seeing me again before I leave. How should I go about this? Should I bother making the effort to call them and tell them? Or should I just leave it up to my boss to pass the news along. We're not parting on bad terms, but he's also not always dilligent on some things.

Part of me feels like I'm deserting them but the other part of me knows that it's time to get out of there and do something else.

Do any of you have any suggestions as to how I can make this as painless as possible both for my patients and for me?



Jolie, BSN

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Not until I saw this thread did I realize how long it's been since I read a post from you. We used to communicate on the other bulletin board rather frequently. I have no sage advice to offer, just want to wish you well in your new job! Best of luck.

Jolie (aka Laura)

Best of luck in your new job. I wouldn't call them, as technically they are the physician's patients, unless of course you are a nurse practitioner with your own patients. You are leaving, but the physician is not. You may be accused of trying to alienate certain patients, I would think, if they followed you to the new physician's office. I would just tell them that you are leaving this job for another one-I am certain that you will build up a similar level of rapport in the new office. You may even offer to introduce your replacement if the person starts when you are still there. But I think word will get out where you are, and people can make up their own mind.After all, they must like the pediatrician also, it is his practice and you are an employee, unless, as I said earlier you are a nurse practitioner with your own patients.


I just went through a very similar situation. I work for a pediatric neurologist in a outpatient clinic in a children's hospital. I left this past Feb., but I did just return. Anyway one of my biggest stresses about leaving the job was telling the parents. I had grown so close to a lot of the families and I was dreading telling them I was leaving. I did call some of the families and tell them because I felt that was the right thing to do and I know that they appreciated it. I didn't call all the families that I was close to just the ones I was very close to. I do understand your situation and wish you good luck with your new job.

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I would not call either. Good luck in your new job though.



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Thank you for all your advice. I read them all a few days ago and have been brooding over it. I decided that I would tell those that I saw or spoke to but not the ones that I didn't see in the office before leaving. I figured my boss would fill in when asked.

Yesterday was my last day. Several of the moms called me to say goodbye and two actually came in to see me. One mom told me that every time she told her 2-year old daughter that they were going to the see the doctor she would ask if I was going to be there and say "I love Laura." (How's that for heart wrenching?) It was all I could do to keep from crying. I've invested a lot in all those families and it's hard to say goodbye. (It also doesn't help that I don't do goodbyes well)

I managed to hold it together until I was leaving the office and saying goodbye to my boss. I started misting up and by the time I left the building the tears were rolling. :sniff: It's not the job I'm going to miss, it's the parents and the children. In my new job I will be doing things I've never done before and I'm excited.

BTW, Jolie, you do have a good memory!


I have worked for 2 Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioner for 3 years, The Nurse Practitioner and her Doctor hubby are leaving the practice. The other doctor is not sure how long he will be able to keep the practice going so i am taking another position in an OB-Gyn office. I have been telling parents as I see them in the Office. I live in a small community and word of mouth has already spread! I am getting phone calls already !! My new position has better benefits but i feel really guilty leaving the kids and parents !! I was on the edge of tears all day as parents and kids said goodbye to me. I have to keep telling myself its better for me to leave!!!


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" I decided that I would tell those that I saw or spoke to but not the ones that I didn't see in the office before leaving. I figured my boss would fill in when asked."

The wise choice.

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