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leaving HH... am I doing the right thing?


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I've read so much about people in here who love HH so much... heck I work with people who love HH... I loved it at first too, but in almost a year that has really changed.

I am required to see at least 35 patients a week for seven weeks before I can get benefits. I still don't have any. I have to take call about one weekend per month and about 2-3 weeknights per month and on those weekends anyway "on call" is a misnomer. I end up seeing usually, about 10 patients that weekend, then have to come back to work Monday and all week. I average getting home about seven PM each night. I have two kids who I feel like I don't see. Turnover is horrible. Discharging a patient takes an act of congress. I can't work for any other agency in the area, I was made to sign a no compete clause. I got hired on the spot and now I know why.

I am getting ready, hopefully, to go work for a state psychiatric hospital that I've wanted to work for for a rather long time. I realize I'll be going back to working every other weekend... having to work holidays... being stuck inside a building for twelve hours.. but it kinda seems worth it at this point. It helps that I've worked at this facility before and loved it plus it's not for profit.

But should I consider giving HH another try with another company? At least at some point? How does what I've described above compare with yout company?

Thanks. :)

Part time with another company. Then you can more easily control your investment in hh. Even better if you choose extended care rather than visit work.

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My experience with home health was very different, but that was 10 years ago.

It is very nice to be out and about and having flexibility, but that is a 2 edged sword.

If you think you'd be happier working in the psych unit again, do it. You can always go and do home care again part time in the future.