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Leave CO to beach

So I graduate with BSN in Dec and want to move out of the snow in Colorado and to more warm weather and beach preferably!! I'm looking into tuition reimbursement programs, but not much luck on a good one. Most want so much of a commitment for little pay. Any ideas on moving locations for a new grad and her fiancé whos a paramedic and two dogs? Somewhere that won't break the bank, but has a decent RN pay? I know California has one of the highest paying rates, can it be done and live there on a budget??

You're not getting any tuition reimbursement programs in California. New grad programs are overly saturated as is. High pay is offset by high taxes and cost of living, especially if you're looking at closer to the coast.

WookieeRN, BSN, RN

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If you're a new grad, California would probably be the worst idea if you're at all inclined at being employed as a new grad. Tuition reimbursement has gone the way of the dodo for new hires in many, many, many hospitals. Most are looking for a year of service before they even consider it for a future degree. Also, when I think of affordable cost of living, California is so far down my list it isn't even funny. Try to south, maybe, but wages will be lower.


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after a year yes, right now no.


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