Lay offs in Homehealth care


The initial mandates of the "healthcare plan" are having results. My patients cant afford medications, the number of visits are cut, supplies are rationed, and staffing is reduced.

The office I work for is teetering on closing completely. When I hired 7 yrs ago census was 300 patients, today it is 57. The Medicare cuts on homehealth is taking a toll on everyone.

So, I am curious... in other part of the country how are the agencies faring? Are nurses having the patient visits cut, being warned of lay offs, complete closings?

Haven't heard of closings or actual layoffs, but have noticed that the abundance of extended care work is just not there any longer.

The company I recently quit from is going under, slowly. There was not enough work for me, so I left. They reduced the pay per visit rate, the documentation has increased exponentially, requiring the nurses to do LOTS more work for a lower rate of pay. Visit frequencies and supplies were rationed. The census was low. Gas reimbursement was a joke. And all the while the company blamed it on CMS conducting audits and finding loop-holes in documentation and redacting the 40% of the payments already given to the company last year. The regulation and $&() is out of control for the whole healthcare industry. I guess that's what we have to look forward to with Obamacare and other upcoming changes. I only see it getting worse.

I was quite vocal concerning the changes, requirements as I envisioned exactly what is present. NOT a healthcare program but a death care. Ninety percent of my day is paperwork and BS that is mandated. Hello Socialized medicine.


Has 14 years experience.